Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BBQ Chicken and Rice

Not wanting to go to the market on my way home from work (I got mired in the science stock room) I worked with what I had.  I had a breast and a half left over from my jambalaya experiment as well as some chorizo sausage.  I spied a bottle of BBQ sauce that The Mrs. and I had bought in Tennessee
the last time we were down there to visit her folks and an idea formed. 

I julianned up the chorizo, cubed the chicken (about 1 inch chunks) and diced some garlic and tossed it all in a bowl with oil, rice wine vinnegar, salt, pepper, some pizza seasoning and the aforementioned BBQ sauce.  It smelled wonderful, and only smelled better as the time wore on. 

I put some rice in, and when it came out for its rest I tossed an onion (rough dice) into some warmed oil and let it soften.  (I used a pan that The Mrs. brought to the marriage that I particularly like.  It is a large flat bottomed wok type pan in a nice heavy stainless steel) When the onions were nice and almost translucent I tossed the entire bowl, chicken, marinade and all, into the pan.

I tossed and stirred until the chicken was cooked through but not over done and served it over rice.  My plate tasted delicious for a grand total of 20 minutes of work, we can only hope that The Mrs. feels the same way. 

Pictures to follow.


Heidi said...

The Mrs. certainly thought it was a delicious meal. :)

Buzzetta said...

Interesting idea. I like it.